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Today I want to talk about revisiting Machine learning especailly with a focus on underlying mathematics. Well let me tell you, I have just found the perfect course for it. It’s the Introduction to Machine Learning course. It’s taught by Prof Balaraman Ravindran. He is someone from whom I have really learnt a lot. And infact the course is by IIT Madras, it’s pretty close to my heart because my introduction to machine learning class almost a year ago was by IIT Madras, not this one but this one 🤗. I always recommend it to people. Something I’m really in love with these days is fastai 🤗🤗. I am really in love with Jeremy’s top-down method of teaching. The best thing abouut fastai is you build the whole of PyTorch from ground up. It just doesn’t teach you Deep Learning, but also makes you a better Python programmer. I recommend it to everyone. Fastai also has ML and Computational linear algebra courses. I haven’t gone through them but I bet they are as awesome as the Deep learning one.

Anyways, I have enrolled myself into the NPTEL ML course, so that it can be a refresher. I have my semesters coming up and it starts from the day my sems begin that is 20 & also the whole TCS onboarding to follow but, come on when did we go by the convention? Ofcourse amid all the chaos I am gonna try, that’s how we roll. Let’s see how it turns out! As always anything and evrything I do I will update it here. Also, I was really confused about what to put on Medium and what here?. Needed to draw a line. I have decided that all tutorials, build & learning journeys go there. Everything except that goes here! Let the sems just get over & the fun will begin.

I want to explore so many things and learn so much. Nothing makes me happier than sharing it with the community that I learnt from. 🤗 And teaching is the best way I have found to effectively learn things.

As always, thank you for reading 😊😃!

(UPDATE 19/07/2020)

The course was supposed to start from tomorrow but it has got rescheduled to semptember 14. Damn! that is 2 months away. So, need a change of plans. Actually, I had another plan in my mind for the whole maths refresher and getting to know the nitty gritty. The next post will be all about it.

As always, thank you for reading 😊😃!