This is my first post here and I wanted it to be something I have wanted to do for the longest time. questus ordo in rebus is latin for getting things in order. I was very naive to think that it was pretty simple to do and maybe it is for many people but guess I belong to the latter category where you gotta struggle to do it. Well the bottom line is, I want to get things in order. It’s not like I have not tried to do it before but there was just so much happening around me, I mean from classes, seminar, minor project to placements, major presentation etc that I couldn’t pause to think about where I am in life and what I want to do moving forward. So, this lockdown period for me was like brakes applied to a car moving at a great speed, it’s kind of pretty sudden and shakes you up but if you think about it maybe it was required?. I think that was the worst analogy I could come up with, but I really am not very good with words. Basically, this lockdown got me pausing and thinking. I wont lie, it was rather frustrating in the beginning because I was used to go walking, running & stuff I did because I wanted to be a “fit 💪 guy” but now that it has been quite sometime I feel it has done me a lot of good. Like I said maybe the brakes were required?. So, let’s begin !

I feel like things I have learnt I know them pretty well but they seem to be in scatters. Well, not anymore, that ends today. Something which I love to do is read & read a lot. My school notebooks had this thing writetn on the back cover:

“Reading maketh a full man.”

I used to think it was someone in my school who wrote it, but it actually is a quote by Francis Bacon. It resonates with me alot. Reading actually fills your mind with a variety, so the next time you think about anything you look at it from a lot perspectives. And that is where we are going to start today. I have a lot of machine learning, deep learning, statistics, data science books, now this is very cool actually but it also is very overwhelming. Like I get really confused as to where to start. I want to read everything and I try to do it all at once and I end up not reading anything. After screwing up numerous times I have a plan of what I want to do. I have decided I will read one applied book along with a more theoretical book.

The options:

So, what are my choices?

After a lot of research I have decided to go for Hands-on ML & for theory I chose ESLR. I will give my best to it and try and keep posting here about my progress.

Wait a minute! Aren’t we missing something? The younger me would have stopped right here but, I now am a little sensible and I realise no amount of book reading will do me any good if I don’t code and build things up. Enter Kaggle. Besides reading stuff I will try and spend my time implementing things in kaggle! Let’s see how it goes! See ya.

PS: I have another dream of building a deep learning library using rust, I really wanna learn about it. That’s for another post !

Thank you for reading !